Ralin B.V.’s Subsidiary Custom Ingredients

Custom Ingredients LLC is committed to the development of specialty chemical blends, high quality natural oils, polymers and extracts. We tailor our products to customer needs, optimal performance, and superior batch-to-batch consistency. Our staff of technically trained sales consultants are 100% degreed scientists. We also offer an in-house applications lab to provide excellent starting points for utilizing our products in the customer applications.


Since we opened our doors in 1995, our primary goal has been to satisfy the need of customers who desire custom and optimized ingredients not found in the marketplace. Initially, we started out with 3 products including a shampoo concentrate that became the base for an entire line of pet care products. Today, the shampoo accompanies over 200 other products, with keen focus on our CustoBlend, CustoPoly, Phytol, and CustoCide lines.

Under the tradename, CustoBlend®, specialty concentrates allow formulators to incorporate more ingredients, without the complexity of manufacturing and stocking multiple items. Most allow the formulator to cold-blend ingredients, which speeds up manufacturing and lowers production cost. Committed to the development of specialty chemical concentrates, high-quality natural oils, polymers, and extracts, Custom Ingredients tailors its products to customer needs and to ensure optimal performance and superior batch-to-batch consistency.